the REDEEMED Bible Study releases August 1st, 2016!

Last year, when HomeLife magazine asked me to become their new Executive Editor, I was sure their email had come to the wrong person. A couple phone calls and one big meeting later, I finally understood they were really asking me. I am both humbled and honored to welcome readers into it’s wonderful pages every month.

If you’ve never seen a copy of HomeLife, you may not know what you’re missing. It’s the one magazine I’ve always read cover to cover and it’s one of the best gift ideas I have! Every issue is packed with practical, real-life solutions and Biblical encouragement targeted especially for the family. You can click HERE to order.

I hope I see you in HomeLife soon. I’ll be the one at the front saying hello!

  • Dear Cam Newton

    Dear Cam Newton

    Dear Mr. Newton, We’ve never officially met. Probably never will. I have no idea if you’re a nice person. Or have morals. Or live with integrity. Or, like they say in the media, really do


Count the Days

How long has it been?

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