March 6-7, 2015

Westover Church

Greensboro, NC

Tickets | $30 in advance

But this year, there’s something new . . . We’ve  been dreaming and planning and praying for ways to make your weekend with us into something more. So with great joy, and, Oh-my-goodness-this-is-awesome, enthusiasm, we’d like introduce you to our idea for more.

The Conference Schedule

Friday Night

5:45pm – Doors Open

6:30 – Conference Begins

  • Worship with Charles Billingsley and Band

  • Message

  • Concert with Ellie Holcomb

9:00 – Dessert Social


7:45am – Doors Open

  • Coffee, tea and light breakfast items provided in the Atrium

8:30am – Conference Begins

  • Worship with Charles Billingsley and band

  • Session One with Emily Freeman

  • Session Two with Angela Thomas

  • Break

  • Worship

  • Session Three with Angela Thomas

12:30pm – Conference Ends

* Schedule is subject to change

Tickets | $30 in advance

We think this year’s conference is going to be an amazing time for us to all be together. So you can buy a ticket and come to the conference and count on being part of great worship, and music and Bible teaching. The conference is the centerpiece of what we’re planning for you.

But if you just want something more. Like conversation. And some time to think. And someone who knows your name. If you want to get your friends together, or make new friends or bring a group of ladies from your church. Then we’ve planned an optional weekend for you to add to your conference. A retreat for your soul.

For free.

Yep, nada. Zilch. Zero extra dollars.

Adding an optional retreat for you, or your church, or the ladies who live on your street is our gift to you.

And why have we gone to all the trouble to plan a retreat for anyone who wants their conference weekend to be more?

Because we believe God told us to.

Truth is, if there is one more way to get you to Jesus, that’s what we want to do. We’re nice people and all, but He is the lover of your soul. He is the Only One who can forgive your sins. He alone has the power to mend your broken places . . . your broken heart . . . your broken life.

Jesus Christ is the only reason we do any of this. As a matter of fact, He’s the only way a rag-tag bunch of broken women could get together and have the audacity to call their meeting Beautiful Life. You see, we’d mostly made messes with our lives, then one by one, down different roads, with different stories, we all met the same Savior. He makes broken lives beautiful and we want the whole, wide world to know.

Welcome to Beautiful Life™, we can’t wait to meet you all.

Beautiful Life™ Worship Leader

Beautiful Life™ Concert Artist

Very Special Guest Teacher

Your Host and Bible Teacher

Angela Thomas