I’ve been praying and dreaming about a new conference format for such a long time. And this year’s Beautiful Life™ is going to be something special. I hope you’ll make your plans now to be with us, March 6th and 7th.

My prayer is for the impact of the conference to have more time to work in your soul. And so, in addition to the conference, attendees have the opportunity to participate in a RETREAT.

You can join us for the conference only or stay all weekend with our brand new RETREAT schedule.

Why are we going to all the trouble to add a RETREAT schedule to an already awesome conference?

For you.
For God.
For conversations.
For friendships.
For the time a soul needs.

The soul needs time to take truth deep inside. So come and linger this weekend. Stay as long as you can. Bring all the friends you want. Bring that woman who doesn’t even realize her great need.

Let’s worship together and learn together. Let’s laugh and eat and sit and dream and pray. And who knows . . . maybe there will even be dancing.

We are students, professionals, wives, moms, neighbors and friends. And each one of us is living our everyday life from the inside out, where the condition of your soul determines the kind of woman you are becoming.

Has it been too long? Do you want to stop spinning? Does your heart need more peace? Time to rest? To hear from God? To look more like the woman you’ve always longed to be?
Jesus Christ is the Only One who can give all that we need, so no matter how weary, wounded or broken you may be, I hope you’ll take the time to come to the Beautiful Life™ weekend.

You will not be alone.

We will seek Jesus and need Him together.

There in His presence, by His power and His grace, the broken inside us can be Redeemed.

I love Jesus to my very core and oh, how I long for us all to know Him more. I really hope you can come.

I love you so,